Partial Credit List




Shark Week (Discovery)

Live to Dance (CBS)

Prison Diaries (TLC)

Women Behind Bars (WE)

Mostly True Stories (TLC)

Outer Bounds (Discovery International)

Shreddin’ H20 (ESPN II)

Beyond Bizarre (Discovery)

Stories of the Sea (Discovery International)

Ushuaïa (NBC)

America's Wonders (TLC)

Nature's Secret Worlds (TLC)

Sea Scope (TF1)

Weird Worlds (TLC)

Rivera Live (CNBC)

U.S. Navy Seals: Class 234 (Discovery)

FBI: Critical Incident (TLC)

Feature Films

The Way Out

Silent Accomplice

The Call of Kilimanjaro

Dominant Seven (short)

Del Playa

Searching for Home - Coming Back From War



Sharks of Pirate Island (Discovery)

The Shark Attack Files (Discovery)

Deep Water, Deadly Game (Syndication)

Danger Beach (Syndication)

The Shark Doctors (Discovery)

Shadows in the Forest (Discovery)

Sharks of the Red Triangle (Discovery)

Snow Monkey (MICO/NHK)

Tales of the Tiger Shark (Discovery)

Legends of Killer Sharks (Discovery)

Sharks of the Wild Coast (Discovery)

Code Red (Discovery)

In Search of the Giants (Discovery)

Sharks of the Atlantic (Discovery)

The Battle of Midway (Discovery)

Sharks of the Deep Blue (Discovery)

Sharks in a Desert Sea (Discovery)

Future Shark (Discovery)

Navy Seals: Hell Week (Discovery)

How to Survive (Discovery)

ePlanet (CNBC)

Great White, Down Under (Discovery)

False Witness (History Channel)

Air Jaws (Discovery)

U.S. Navy Seals: Direct Action (Discovery)

Paradise for Predators (Discovery)

Wild Vet (National Geographic)

Wild Vet: Tall Challenge (National Geographic)

Living Wild (National Geographic)

Siamese Crocs (National Geographic)

Air Jaws II (Discovery)

Diary of a Shark Man (Discovery)

Jaws of the Pacific (Discovery)

Warship (National Geographic)

Air Jaws Apocalypse (Discovery)

Great White Serial Killer (Discovery)

Return of the Great White Serial Killer (Discovery)

Air Jaws: The Hunted (Discovery)

Air Jaws: Back from the Dead (Discovery)

Return of the Megashark (Discovery)



Jay Jay the Jet Plane (PBS)

Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures (PBS)

Christmas Dinosaur (Cartoon Network)

The Night Before Christmas (Cartoon Network)

The Haunted Pumpkin of Sleepy Hollow (Cartoon Network)

The Letter Factory (Leapfrog)

The Talking Word Factory (Leapfrog)

Code Word Caper (Leapfrog)

The Math Circus (Leapfrog)

Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory (Leapfrog)

A Tad of Christmas Cheer (Leapfrog) 

Let’s Go To School (Leapfrog)

Math Adventure to the Moon (Leapfrog)

The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park (Leapfrog)

Numbers Ahoy (Leapfrog)

Phonics Farm (Leapfrog)

Numberland (Leapfrog)

Magnificent Museum of Opposite Words (Leapfrog)

Adventures in Shapeville Park (Leapfrog)    



Nike • Nissan • Rembrandt

Cisco Systems • Six Flags • Mini Cooper

Orkin • Fed-Ex • Burger King • Got Milk

Toyota • Nissan • Time Warner Cable • TroyBilt • AT&T

VW • Motorola • Mervyns • Old Navy • McDonald’s • Sherwin WIlliams

Starbuck’s • Hot Wheels • Commonwealth Bank • Ortho