Craig Dobbin

You walk out of his session, a little dazed, high from watching your picture brought to life from a score that lifts and loves it, wondering--how could this nice guy, boy next door possibly be so hip? Maybe it's the fact that he never considered himself to be anything else. Or maybe never considered the question at all. He's too busy making music. 

At seven, Craig was playing piano and by fourteen he was mastering Contemporary Jazz Theory and Classical Composition. While still an undergraduate at UCSB, Craig composed the music for two films and a variety of television commercials. Before being named Outstanding Senior and graduating with a B.M. in Composition in 1990, Craig had also recorded his first solo album for D&D records.

Craig’s work was quickly in demand on television and he has created music for a variety of different genres. From the PBS popular kids show, “Jay Jay the Jet Plane” and Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures” to the world renowned “Discovery Channel Shark Week” (which Craig has been creating music for since 1991), his music covers a wide range and depth.  His music has also been featured in commercials for such clients as Samsung, Visa, McDonalds, Mobile Strike, Netflix, Marvel, Exxon, State Farm, and many more.  Recently Craig created music for the award winning feature length documentary “Searching for Home” and is now composer for the top rated CBS series “NCIS Los Angeles”.

In 1993 Craig, William Aura and Alain Eskinasi formed the contemporary jazz group 3RD FORCE. Their first CD on Higher Octave went to #9 at Radio, their second and third, Force of Nature and Vital Force, both shot to #3, and their fourth CD, Force Field, hit #2.  Their 8th Album, Global Force, released in 2016 after a 10-year hiatus, hit the coveted #1 Billboard spot.

Craig Dobbin lives and works in the Santa Barbara Mountains. His idyllic lifestyle may contribute to the feeling you get when you're working with him that there is an old soul inhabiting Craig's person. He's solid, dependable, grounded...yet generous of spirit. He can laugh at himself and he's not afraid to laugh at you, either, if you deserve it. Creatively, he's already developed a reputation for uncanny perception; his music somehow evokes the right emotion at just the right moment. You're not sure why, but you find yourself saying, “Yeah, that's it, that's exactly it.”